A Java Based Decision Table Rules Engine


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To Support Us: You can donate with Bitcoin! 18QoTMHSeA5WibPLSb31D1cPvj6z522kLG

For Us to Support You:  Two options to get support for DTRules.  Do it yourself with help though this site, or get a company to back you.  Basically, free or paid.

Free Support

Of course, we do have some Documentation online here.

Most of the pages here allow you to add comments.   We will respond to those comments, and maintain the more useful comments for easy reference.

We also have a Google Groups Forum, the DTRules Forum.

Paid Support

DTRules is also distributed by SourcePulse under the brand name Niyum.  SourcePulse develops and releases code to the DTRules project, and provides training, consulting, product support, and tools for developing and deploying Rule Sets.


Don’t hesitate emailing us with your questions.  This isn’t always the quickest way to get an answer, but we strive to respond to all emails, and generally we respond within a business day.

DTRules:  paulsn@dtrules.com

Sourcepulse: pauls@sourcepulse.com